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Lecture 3

LING 1P93 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate, Hearing Loss, 5 Fingers

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Richard Welland

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Articulation and Phonological Disorders
LING 1P93 Week 4 Feb1/13
 Know the dierence between the two and give an example for both; will
be on exam.
Early Sounds Continued
- Comfort sounds
- Relaxed deeper and without nasality
- Produced naturally as a result of relaxed body sate.
- Not directly related to physical needs
- Sounds are universal.
Earliest Sounds
- Discomfort sounds
- Agitated body state.
- Tense facial expressions.
- Involuntary responses to hunger and pain.
- Sound bursts due to constriction in air passage.
- Parents can understand what cries mean what (hungry etc.…).
Milestones: earliest Sounds
- Child eventually adds consonant sounds to the cries, Waaaaaa to nananan or
- Much better breathe control (breathing and sound production).
- Breathing and moving starts making more sounds.
- They start to feel things in their mouth (teeth coming in)
- Exploration play (putting things in their mouth).
- Transition to milk/formula to food.
- Allows baby to practice 5ne motor movements used for speech.
- Babbling is reinforced by caregivers and lends it to social rewards.
- Babbling soon begins to resemble consonant and vowels of adult speech.
- All variations in human sound production.
- Babbling equals comfort-the sounds of a happy child.
- Gu,ga,ka,cha,ru…ma, pa, ba , ta…
Babbling Milestones
- 6-0 months babbling consonant vowel sequences-reduplicative babbling
‘dadada’. Also imitate sounds they already have.
- 9-12 months- babbling is variegated. Long strings of babbling with non-
identical sounds ‘ ga bi do’ usually with intonation. Often called jargon-
- Some researchers call it jargon- ga bi do
Milestones: Lalling and Echolalia
- 6 months repetition of heard sounds or sound combinations.
- Hearing is very important
- Child makes sound not only for own pleasure but also for social interaction.
- Echolalia is further repetition and sound manipulation, but very much
preparation for actual talking.
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