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Ling 2P90 Lecture #1

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Richard Welland

LING 2P90 September 17, 12 Cells and muscles Cont’d Striated muscle Architecture  Epimysium (Muscle Belly- composed of several fascicles)  Perimysium Separates fascicles (Fascicles)  Endomysium Separates muscle fibers (Muscle fibers)  Bundles of muscle fibers from Fascicle (Muscle fibers)  100s or 1000s Myofibrils combine to form a single muscle fiber (Myofibrils)  Actin and Myosin Filaments from light and dark bands (Actin Filaments & Myosin filaments) Sliding Filament theory of Striated Muscle Contraction  Muscle actin moves/slides (Sliding muscle filament theory) closer to Myosin; this occurs when the muscle contracts  When muscles contract you have a decreased distance between the origin and the insertion  One attachment is moving towards the other attachment which means Contraction Flexion or flex means to bend: also meaning that the one part of the joint is moving farther away from the other part of the body. Extension=unbending, Flexion=bending Striated Muscle:  Muscle attachements o Origin o By convention, attachment where little movement is taking place  Insertion o By convention, attachment being acted upon  Muscle action o Contraction decreases the distance between origin and insertion o Muscles pull, they NEVER push!! o Muscles and joints together form lever system Lever Systems  Levers consist of: o Fulcrum (balance point) o Load (to resist the movement) o Effort (to move the load)  Class 1 lever (nail and hammar) o Fulcrum (joint) located between LOAD and FORCE (muscle) o Provides stability and mechanical advantage (when Fulcrum is closer to lo
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