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Septemeber 26- Breathing Apparatus Cont'd.docx

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Richard Welland

Test #1: October 1 ** must know as much detail as on the slide for test** Sakai:  Anatomical terms/ planes of ref.  Cells and tissues  Anatomy of the Breathing Apparatus (pp. 10-27, 36-39) Format:  Multiple choice  Diagrams to label *Know whether it is a thoracic rib etc. September 26, 12 Breathing Apparatus Cont’d Muscles of the Antero-Lateral Chest  Lever types o Superficial  Pectorialis major and minor muscles  Class 3 lever  Serratus anterior muscles o Class 2 lever  Deep o External Muscles of the Posterior Neck and Back  Posterior Neck and Upper back o Trapezius  Flat, triangular or kite-shaped muscle  Origins  Back of skull  C7 & T1-T2  Insertions  Clavicle  Scapula  Innervation  CN XI (accessory nerve)  Functions  Rotates, elevates and depresses scapulae  Adducts (move toward mid-line) scapulae  Moves head laterally (to the side) o People with voice disorders have troubles moving their neck side ways due the tense of their neck muscles o Rhomboid Muscles  Deep to trapezius muscle (minor and major)  Origins  C7 & T1 (minor)  T2-T5 (major)  Insertion  Medial border of scapula  Innervation  Dorsal scapular nerve (5 cervical spinal nerve)  Functions  Adducts scapulae  Rotates scapulae  Braces scapulae to the thoracic wall o Serratus Posterior Superior  Saw-like shaped  Located on upper back  Origins  C7-T1-2 or T1-3  Insertion  Rib 2 (top most rib-5 )  Innervation st th  1 - 4 thoracic spinal nerves (ventral rami)  Function  Raise 2 to 5 ribs  It will raise the ribs due to the muscles fibers being on a diagonal; when the fibers contract they will bring the origin and the insertion together which raise ribs 2-5; you will not due that during a normal breathing pattern, but under a forced inspiration or expiration  Middle and Lower Back o Lateral Iliocostalis Muscles  Belong to Erector Spinae group of deep back muscles  Spinalis  Longissimus  Lateral iliocostalis  Lateral Iliocostalis Cervicis
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