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Lecture 6

LING 3P61 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Contractible Space

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Lynn Dempsey

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Transition from One word speech
10-15 months of age is when first word is produced
Vertical construction
A single word that builds on the single word that just came before it… related in
There is a pause between words
Drop in intonation
Ex Hurt. Knee.
Word chunks
A phrase they’ve learned as a whole unit
Ex all gone/all done! I wanna! (aren’t actually putting word together but
just one word to them… never say I or wanna by themselves or put either
with other words)
Jargon + word
Jargon is babbling with pitch and loudness variability
They embed word into their babbling “babagadabacookiedabaga”
Two words combinations
Semantic relations
9 semantic relation meanings expressed by relationship between the two words
Agent: performs an action
Action: movement or activity
Object: person or thing that receives actions
Entity: person or object that is labelled
Location: place
Attribute: description of object or person
Demonstrative: used to point something out
Possessor: person or thing object belongs to
Possession: person or thing owned
Ex “juice table” is a entity location semantic relation as it is describing
where an object is
Early multiword utterances
Grammatical morphemes omitted
Never express new meaning, just add more meaning to two words
Ex mommy drink becomes mommy drink juice to express agent action object
The 14 grammatical morphemes are acquired between 2-4 years
Reliable use develops gradually… it isn’t like just because they use it once they will use
it correctly all the time
Order determined by here and now aspect of children's lives and speech, frequency in
language and their adult input, consistency of form (morphemes that have more than
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