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Lecture 11

LING 3P90 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Statistical Significance, Joint Attention, Standardized Test

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Carolyn Windsor

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Lecture 11: Evaluating the Outcomes of Intervention
-understand the role of a clinician in working with children from minority cultures
-describe intervention techniques appropriate for presymbolic kids
-explain how a clinician determines whether treatment was eective
Intervention with CLD (Culturally & Linguistically Diverse) Kids
3 Issues:
1. What to do if there is no SLP who is %uent in the child’s language available?
2. What is the SLPs role when child has no disorder in his/her primary language but
has limited pro*ciency in English?
3. How can the SLP make intervention culturally appropriate?
Issue 1: Clinician is not %uent in child’s primary language: no direct therapy
-instead can oer: in service training, consultation, train paraprofessionals
that does speak that
language to work on lang development
Issue 2: CLD kids with no delay in the primary language
-training and consultation:
-emphasize implications of creating for interaction with English speaking kids
reinforcing, more social interaction)
-sharing info about implications of having a strong base in home language
-encourage teachers to convey a positive and accepting attitude
Issue 3: How to make treatment more culturally appropriate and accessible?
-make school/clinic activities match home culture (more meaningful and
Ex. -modify “sharing time rules” (reduce expectations, show and tell
instead of speaking)
-modify timing and rhythm of presenting material (slower pace)
-use books, songs, routines that come from kids culture as basis for
Intervention with Presymbolic infants
1. Vocal development
-encourage family to talk to and babble to baby
-encourage family to imitate non-cry vocalizations
-encourage parents to greet baby, say goodbye and make eye contact
-use rattles, tickling games and mirrors to elicit vocalization (physical interaction
promotes vocalization)
-demonstrate and encourage use of IDS
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