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Lecture 3

LING 4P27 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Cochlear Implant, Hearing Aid, Inner Ear

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Barbra Zupan

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Lecture 3
September 27, 2016
Cochlear Implants
Hearing Aids vs. Cochlear Implants
Hearings amplify sounds
On quiet, people hear about 82% of sound at 60 dB with cochlear implants compared to
the 12% that people with hearing aids hear
In noise, people with cochlear implants hear about 70% of sounds at 60 dB and people
with hearing aids hear about 18%
**Cochlear Implants
Device that by-passes non-functioning hair cells and directly stimulates the auditory
nerves with coded electrical signals
Does not restore normal hearing!
How Nucleus 5 works
o The external sound processor captures sounds, then filters and processes the
o The sound processor translates the filtered sounds into digital information,
which is then transmitted to the internal input
o The internal implant converts
How does it work?
Directional microphone
o Picks up sound
o Converts acoustic sound to electrical
o Sends signal to processor
Speech processor
o Receives electrical signal
o Electrical signal changed to coded signal
o Coded signal sent to coil
Transmitting coil
o Receives coded signal
o Sends signal to internal receiver
Internal Receiver-Stimulator
o Receives coded signal
o Sends signal to electrode array
Electrode Array
o Receives coded signal
o Stimulates nerve fibers
o Nerve fibers send message to brain
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Frequency Representation
Higher frequencies are closer to the outside (most likely to be lost first in aging)
Coming in from the outside, starts at greater than 4000 kHz, to 3000 kHz, to 2000 kHz,
to 1000 kHz, to 500 kHz as you get to the internal ear
You want to maximize the electrodes that the person has
o Little dots represent the electrodes
32 is the maximum the best signal someone is going to get
Cochlear Corporation (
Nucleus 6
o Latest brand
Nucleus 6
Smart sound technology
o You a sith pogas depedig o the situatio youe i
o Speech in noise, speech in quiet, etc.
Range of electrodes
o Depending on the cause of the hearing loss
E.g., children who have meningitis, the cochlea starts to ossify (the bone
starts to grow in and around where the infection was), and all that space
inside the cochlea becomes inaccessible
o Sometimes for different length of cochlea
o The oe thats aleady uled is the ost oo
Data logging
o Handy for children; gives you a sense of the different scenarios they were in
o Lets you know the different noises the person is being exposed to
Nucleus 6 Hybrid
The acoustic component, like a hearing aid, amplifies these sounds and sends them via
the normal hearing pathway
At the same time, the processor converts high frequency sounds to digital information
which is sent to the implant under the skin
The implant sends electrical signals down the electrode into the cochlea, stimulating the
nerve fibers
This nerve response is sent to the brain, where it combined with the response from the
amplified sounds from the acoustic component into a perceived sound
Nucleus Comparison
o Introduced 2005
o 50.7 mm in height
CP810 Nucleus 5
o Introduced 10009
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o 42.0 mm
CP920 Nucleus 6
o Introduced 2013
o 39.1 mm
Nucleus 5
Idustys sallest poesso
o 40% thinner than precious model and 30% thinner than others on market
Automatic phone detection
o Automatically recognizes phone signal and switches to telecoil
Smart sound technology
o Adjusts automatically to listening environments
o If there were a lot of background noise, the implant would detect the noise and
switch the channel for you
Dual microphone
o Attept to get it lose to the ea doest eally atte
o If a kid et foad ad it fell i the toilet, it ouldt e uied
Direct and wireless access to for TV, iPod and phone
o Nice step up for people able to talk freely on their phones
Flexible wearing options
o You could change the colours, designs, etc.
o Actual plastic casing is patterned
Contour advance electrode
o Award-winning, first-in-market Contour Advance perimodiolar electrode and the
Advance Off-Stylet (AOS) procedure are designed for delicate insertion and more
accurate stimulation
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) safe
o Nucleus freedom is safe for MRI scans with up to 1.5 Tesla with the magnet
Built for a lifetime
o Is built using the toughest materials available titanium and platinum, and is
tested to standards developed by the U.S. military
Thin, self-curling array
o Designed to place the electrodes close to the hearing nerve, for focused
stimulation and increased power efficiency, while applying less pressure to the
delicate cochlear structures
Softip to minimize force
o The idustys oly Softip eletode is desiged to potet the deliate alls of
the ohlea duig sugey, hih ay lead to the peseatio of you patiets
residual hearing
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