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Lecture 7

LING 4P27 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Habilitation, Reverberation, Deaf Culture

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Barbra Zupan

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Lecture 6: Treating speech sound disorders in children with HL
Informal ‘Teaching’
-make sure child is in an optimal listening environment (includes selection and
tting of technology)
-minimize distractions like turning o tv
-minimize reverberation by installing things that absorb sound like carpets
-coaching parents on how they should talk to their kids
-engage the child in verbal communication and activities as often as possible (make
these meaningful); minimize tv time-if there is a commercial, turn tv down and talk
to child about what you just watched
-introduce new vocab during every day activities; kids with hearing loss need more
exposure to the words
-expose child to a variety of experiences to add to vocab
Other elements to formal teaching
-work on several targets in each session; sometimes we work on one target at a
-don’t spend much time drilling to kids with hearing loss; instead its
functional/play based
-they learn more modeling
-if speech sounds, work on them frequently but brie%y
-make sure child feels successful when coming into and when leaving the session
-work on generalization from the outset (can focus on everyday situations);
generalize to already established situations
Speech and Language in early identied children
-seeing less errors due to early identication and improved technology
-but speech sound production and language errors and delays still occur (depends
on variety of factors)
-language development tends to be more typical (but may have some areas that are
at normal or above normal levels while others lag behind)
-fewer suprasegmental errors: aka variation in speech
Treating speech sound production
-Daniel Ling (founder of aural-oral)
-instrumental in establishing education and habilitation using oral approach
-discusses common errors and habilitation techniques
Common Errors
-nasality: emission, poor VP closure(kids don’t hear the dierence so they don’t
learn to lift the velum)
-breath control
-do not take in enough air to support utterance
-release too much air while talking
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