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LABR 1F90: Gender, Race in Labour

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Brock University
Labour Studies
Larry Savage

Sex - Sex is biological - - "Male" and "Female" Try not to use these unless you are talking gender. - Gender is socially constructed - Socially constructed = created, maintained, or changed by people. - Capitism is socially constructed - Therefore, gender refers to our ideas about women and men, boys and girls - and how we put those ideas into practice ** Key concept. Race - Is "race" biological or social? Researchers difer in their views - Ideas about race and work are undoubtedly socially-constructed - **For our purposes both sex and race are socially construced Using the Concepts of Gender and Race 1 - Gender and race are experienced at work and beyond. 2 - A woman manager may be seen as pushy and a male manager may be viewed as persuasive - Gender andd race are performed at work and beyond - Clothing - Makeup - Hair - Accessories (from earrings to trucks) - Animals - Music - Body-language - Touch - Ways of speaking - These all convey gendered and/or racialized meanings - Gender and race are used to organize work and workers - There may be a gendered division of labour **Key concept - Work and tasks are divided based on gender - Hunter - men, gathering - women. Although they were not unequal. More egalitarian. - It then changed after time - think about the show Mad Men - gender division. Work/Jobs are gendered by: *** Key concept 1 - Who does the work (predominatly woman or men) - numbers and/or 2. The characteristics and expectations associated with the work (are the tasks more associated with men or woman?) - Work may be feminized - Work may be male-dominated or gendered masculine - This refers to the first of the two factors - Work may be racialized (associated with a particular race) "Feminized work" can mean different things: - Service work, proving service - Providing care/care work - social service, even parts of the education sector - Emotion work/service - cashier being told she is stupid and incomptent just as to keep taking it and smiling. - Providing sexual allure - Sometimes, its a combination - a high end luxery retail work, tasked with serving, emotional work, and being attractive. - Janitorial work is stilll feminized, for example, not because of the #s who/who does the work, but becasue of the associations/expectations. - Although this is more done by men in today's society. - Still feminized - not because of the numbers, but because of the characteristics - cleaning - Often also racialized. Men of color doing the work. Gendered work may be unpaid work - There is often gendered division of unpaid work in homes - Is becoming more eqully shared but is still 2:1 women:men in Canada - The work that needs to be done at home, gets divided, indoor work is mom, outdoor work is dad. - People use gendered ideas to organize that division of work - "Double Shift" it gets at this idea that you worked for pay and that you go home and work a second shift that you do not get paid for it. - The number of hours that we spend doing unpaid work is very high. Unpaid labour/work - often but not only done in homes - drive your child to soccer practice - extensive of the car giving work done at home - Sometimes in an office - lets organize a birthday party - Unpaid internship - Sometimes you work 9-5, and when 5pm comes the work is not done. Your set hours have ended but you have to stay t
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