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READING Parent Union – has a constitution - made up of local unions - an international union if the head office of the parent union is the US - national union (ex. Qupe, headquarters in Canada) When all come together it is called a union central – not really a union, it’s a body that has been established by all the parent unions to: 1. try and coordinate the union activities 2. try to develop common ground amongst unions 3. try and establish policies that the unions should pursue Name of union central in Canada/Ontario: the OFL (Ontario federation of labour) CLC (Canadian Labour Confederation) AFL - CIO (USA, American Federation of Labour- Congress of industrial organizations) two companies that merged and represented craft workers Most Parent unions in Canada were international unions (headquartered in US) - up until recently at least 70% are national unions, 30% international now in the 1960/70’s public sector workers unionized, and unionized rapidly, the public sector workers are no going to have quarters In the USA, their national unions LECTURE International Labour Organization – unions globally are facing structural and attitudinal changes challenging their survival - Evidenced by declining “union density” The ILO also does research in labour policy, they found declining union density due to structural changes such as globalization, the shift from manufacturing to service sector plus attitudinal changes people think unions are irrelevant - why and what are unions doing/what can they do about it? Almost every country belongs to ILO, 1deligate represents business in that country 1 delegate representing workers unions 2 gov’t delegates from that country *understa
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