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Labour Studies
Harry John

1970’s and 1980’s – shredding of the postwar accord In USA, symbolically often tied to President Reagan’s actions with respect to PATCO strike in 1981 (professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) - Craft workers / privilege workers - Can negotiate better deals with employers 1 group among labour group in USA supported Reagan ^ - Conservative union - Deplorable state  over worked, tired, danger, wages lowered - Reagan gets elected and nothing gets done 13,000 air traffic controllers strike august 3 rd - Reagan orders them back to work - Threatens to fire anyone who doesn’t return in 48 hours th August 5  Reagan fires 11,359 who didn’t return - Declares lifetime ban on rehiring of these strikers within federal government positions Federal Aviation Administration begins accepting resumes for new air traffic control employees - Orders military to take over jobs until they find new labour force employees Reagan also moves to decertify the union (ie. Strip PATCO of its legal standing to be able to represent workers) nd October 22 , 1981  PATCO decertified - Seen as decisive signal to employers that the state and government is gona help with trade unions “Formula” for attacking of existing/established unions in workplaces: 1. Bargain to an Impasse  propose a collective agreement 2. Provoke a Strike 3. Hire Replacement workers  can become permanent workers in USA, sometimes prodded to decertify the union 4. Break the strike and the Union  once strike is a year old, only replacement workers are eligible to vote for decertification of union (movie) P-9 after strike  chains and locks on union hall, local was taken over by the International Parent Union, guyette (president of P-9) was kicked out by international and a new executive was voted in (brother who broke the pickets and went back to work) - Union didn’t break, but pretty much Application of the “formula” to Canada: Electromotive Canada - B/c Canada can only hire temporary workers - Quebec can’t even hire replacement workers - Stab workers can’t vote out, and workers get their jobs back because its in their contracts - Strike can go on forever, but after 6 months getting job back isn’t as clear but you still could “Formula” to attack/prevent new organizing at workplaces Part of it seen in Schmitt and Zipperer reading But goes much beyond just illegal firings of union activists and organizers Detailed studies of National Labour Relations Act (NLRA) organizing campaigns – attempts to unionize a non-union workplace 1993 – 1995 Kate Bronfenbrenner report to Labour Secretariat of North American Agreement on Labour Cooperation (NAALC) - Side agreement under NAFTA to protect labour rights 1998-1999 Brofenbrenner with Robert Hickey When new union was being formed 52% made threats of plant closure - Plant can do that, but they can not threaten to do it - Protected right in Canada to form union, if their threatening its to intimidate and prevent you from exercising that right Mobile industries did this 68% of the time (rent a factory, sewing machi
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