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Labour Studies
Harry John

Union renewal - The process of change by the labour movement to rebuilt its strength by changing those things that they have some ability to change 7 Major renewal strategies: 1. Political action 2. Organizational restructuring 3. Organizing the unorganized (efforts to reach out to groups of more marginalized workers that have not been organized) 4. Coalition building (other community groups) 5. Solidarity networks/cross border/regional etc (labour unions reaching across borders attempting to build solidary networks) 6. Social partnerships with management 7. Enhanced training/education/leadership programs ORGANIZING CAMPAIGN - how to get union in (Organizing the Unorganized – Brofenbrenner & Hickey – “changing to organize”) - 1986-1987 study of 261 private sector NLRB (National Labour Relations ____) csttification elections/campaigns - 1 detailed study of role of union tactics in organizing o NAALC = North American Agreement on Labour Cooperation – prof doesn’t like o study showed: illegal employer tactics worked, correlation between use of these illegal tactics – the more like the union would fail o unions have a cluster of practices they can use, legally, to counteract the employers illegal tactics o if unions use these cluster of activities they are more likely to succeed in establishing union in the new workplace o Significance: what has more impact on whether union succeeds in organizing workplace, illegal employer tactics or strategies by unions?  most think illegal cause they can be fired, however they can be more than overcome by certain tactics by unions o certain comprehensive organizing campaigns work Cluster of “best practices” identified as producing greater success in organizing new union locals - i.e. certain comprehensive union tactics achieve greater “win” rates in organizing campaigns - Identify 10 union tactics in this cluster of best practices: 1. Adequate and appropriate staff & financial resources for the organizing campaign 2. Strategic targeting a. (has the union researched the company before they try to organize it) – find weak spots 3. Active & representative rank & file organizing committees a. (rank & file – worker and union member, do you involve them actively by setting up organizing committees and involve the regular work force?) b. ex. If there’s a racial minority, represent them, if there’s a gender issue, represent the woman group should be 60% woman 4. Active participation of member volunteer organizers (from organized work places) a. Get outside workers involved in campaign 5. Person to person contact inside and outside of the workplace 6. Organizing benchmarks & assessments to monitor union support & set thresholds for moving ahead 7. Framing issues to “resonate” in the workplace and in the community 8. Creative es
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