LABR 2Q95 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Precarious Work, Symbolic Interactionism, Anthropocentrism

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2 Feb 2016
Animals at work
Lecture 3
People and peoples work the work done with and for animal daily work
and labor processes
Working Conditions:
-We see these dierent sectors, and we see these dierent
occupations. Sort these jobs into dierent sectors. We recognize
that these sectors are only a starting place and that they mean
dierent things.
oEx: Heath care sector they could be doing healthcare for
people with animals through therapeutic vs. healthcare for
animals a vet.
oEx: Research sector: Pharmaceutical they can be testing on
animals, vs. an anthropologist
-Research is the sector and a lab technician is the occupation.
-Most research is anthropocentric studying the people in
-Two broad groups that have looked at these types
o1. Symbolic interactionism: the study of how meanings
are made through interaction.
Applied to work done with animals: how are humans
understanding categories. When people are working
with animals on a daily basis how are they making
meaning of these relationships and concepts
o2. Neo Marxist: interested in processes of work, how work
is organized, how is work performed,
-Argument is that we can draw from both of these processes.
Need the realm of ideas and actions. Think about both if we want
to understand.
-Work done with animals depends very much depending on the
context. Therefore we want to understand the context.
-Want to recognize that there are two sides Precarious vs
good jobs
oIf we are looking overall and want to -nd some patterns: a
lot of the work with animals is precarious work (low pay,
devalued, part time, insecure)
So many more precarious jobs then their used to be.
Historically we see these precarious jobs spreading
into many dierent sectors.
In the GTA 50% of jobs are now precarious
Nothing new of people of color and or with women
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oBetter quality job if you work in the public sector vs the
private sector. There are some jobs that are better
respected and with higher pay as well such as a vet or law
-Feminization of work with animals VS Gendered Masculine
1. Numerically dominated by women
2. Associations or characteristics considered “more
Example: Nurse is feminized in both of senses, janitor
associated with cleaning.
oThere are some occupations that don't -t into either. They
could be in the middle due to the constant shift such as
oGendered masculine or male dominated:
Slaughter House Workers
Law enforcement: Police O>cer
-Horse Racing: Secretariat Clip 1973:
oThis horse won by an extremely large amount
oHumans ask horses to do all sorts of things
oEmbodiment of capitalism: wealthy people own the horses,
and they have people working for them (Jockeys, Trainer)
oA number of dierent people at work:
The starters: job to get into the starting boxes
Groomer: (died of poverty) Single person who knew
secretariat the best.
Jockeys: Extremely small,
oThere is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, with
many implications.
Labour Process Concepts (4):
- Bodywork: work done on the bodies of others or to themselves.
oWork that people are doing on the bodies of animals
oEx: Someone like Eddy the groomer of secretariat
oJockeys: go through bodywork to maintain weight
(throwing up, going in the sauna, etc.) in order to ride the
horses. Much of the body work that they are doing is on
- Care Work: about providing care to others, physical or
oLiteral or instrumental approach.
oCan be responsive or reactive, proactive,
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