MARS 1F90 Lecture Notes - Seven Deadly Sins, Medieval Latin, Courtly Love

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Renaissance Lecture 3
Lecture Summary
1. Introduction
a. What was humanism?
- intellectuals in the Renaissance were aware of themselves living in a new
age. Focused on people living in society vs people the afterlife ( the
religious view vs how can they help their own community). Humanism is
a movement that encouraged the study of the form and content of classical
learning. (ancient Greek and ancient Latin), humanists were obsessed with
the study of the old Greek and Romes texts. Throughout the studies of
Humanists there is a emphasizes on the dignity of humankind.
b. The Renaissance and the beginning of a new mindset in western Europe
c. Definition of humanism, see textbook p. 71!
d. The noun humanista
i. Studia litterarum, artes liberals, and studia humanitatis
ii. The word “humanist” and the Latin word humanitas
e. Reading and studying the texts of the ancient Greeks and Romans
- a sense of having humanity as importance instead of having an
importance on the spiritual mindset.
f. New perspectives on education, history and ethics
g. The importance of studying both the content and style of ancient Greek
and Roman literature
h. The medieval mindset versus the humanist one
- new mindset on the viewing of history, education and ethics. REgarding
Latin they looked at the form and content; they believed if you studied the
language other than the content but the style ( how it's being expressed)
can transform society.
2. Dante
a. Dante and the Renaissance (beginning of the renaissance; associated with
b. His family, career, and exile (in secular career - not in the church- results
in exile)
c. The Divine Comedy ( his poems are considered mystical - wanting to be
one with divine)
i. Base on the struggle of the medieval mind
ii. His first collection of poetry and his love for Beatrice (idealistic
love - more medieval then renaissance - uncorrupted by the desires
of the flesh - love at a distance)
iii. The main theme of the Divine Comedy
iv. Divided into three sections
v. 1) Virgil and Dante in Hell (dominated by the 7 deadly sins) and 2)
Purgatory (repentance - purify your sin)
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