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MATH 1P98 Lecture Notes - Random Variable, Probability Distribution, Standard Deviation

Mathematics and Statistics
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Random variables and Probability distributions
Notation: P(a)= chances that ‘a’ will occur
Probability of event: #of feasible outcomes/#of total outcomes
Probability of event: f/n
*f=frequency observed in past
**n=total number of experiments
Probability by intuition…
Law of large numbers: As a sample grows in size, the relative frequency of outcome becomes
closer to the actual probability
Notation: P(ac)= probability it won’t happen
= 1-P(a)
x – random variable
Discrete random variable: x can only take specific values
Continuous random variable: x can take any value in an interval
Probability distribution
P(x) is the probability that x will occur
Ex: Number of bedrooms in a community
1 bedroom = 10
2 bedroom = 18
3 bedroom = 15
4 bedroom = 8
5 bedroom = 4 .
P(1) = 10/55
P(2) = 18/55
P(3) = 15/55
P(4) = 8/55
P(5) = 4/55
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