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Lecture 7

King Arthur LEC7

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Brock University
Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Andre Basson

MARS 1F90 Lecture Outline Lecture 7 You will need to know the unfamiliar words and dates preceded by an asterisk 1 King Arthur earliest written evidence is from the 9th century in chronological order important stuff first tells of Arthur who fights with the Bretons Britonsthey were the Celts came from Europe Was a chieftain fighting against the Saxons who invaded England in the 6th cent And he apparently killed 900 Saxons 12th cent chronicle tells of a different Arthur hes the Breton king and defeats Romans conquering territories in Briton and Francea Its origin in the Middle Ages b Legend and reality thi 9 cent Chronicle Arthur fights on the side of the indigenous thBretons against the Saxons in the 6 cent thii 12 cent Chronicle1 Arthur the son of a Breton king defeats the Romans and conquers territories in Europe 2 The story of Mordred incest with sister had a nephew who was also his son the son Mordred not a good man he abducts Arthurs wife and takes control of the kingdom having a battle good vs evil and Mordred is killed with Arthur being mortally wounded taken to a utopia island either he dies or is brought back to life again the story starts a core tradition of stories surrounding Arthur Arthurian since it was interesting a Abducts Arthurs wife b Seizes control of his kingdom c He is killed in battle d Arthur is mortally woundedtaken to the island of Avalon 3 Chrtien de Troyes Christian of Troy one of the greatest romance writers uses the stories of King Arthur a Gawain LancelotPercival the knights b The Round Table and the Holy Grail i The Round Table and the ideal of an egalitarian societyequality since the feudal system was a hierarchy and the round table makes an ideal society ii The Holy Grail1 The cup supposedly used by Christ in the Last Supper 2 Christianization of the institution of chivalry system of knight hood Church didnt like knights since they were violent and it was a warrior society therefore the Holy Grail was
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