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Saints, Holy places, and Pilgrims & The Crusades LEC 8

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Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Andre Basson

1MARS 1F90 Lecture Outline Lecture 81 Saints holy places and pilgrims 2 The medieval university 3 The CrusadesYou will need to know the unfamiliar words and dates preceded by an asterisk 1 Saints holy places and pilgrims Europes landscape was covered in holy places people would be going for constant pilgrimages to them Holiest place was Jerusalem Holy places would contain relics of a sainta Holy places as another feature of medieval Europes physicalreligious landscapeb The association with a saint or saints eg Santiago de Campostela in Spain possibly where James died c The purpose of visiting a holy site seeking a special favour from the saint i Cure for illness ii As penance for sins d Popularity of pilgrimages in the Middle Agespilgrimages brought in money e The importance of Jerusalem the holiest site of them all f Becoming a saint in the Middle Ages thi 12 cent the introduction of canonization ii The Church cannot make a saint but only declares someone a saint g Relics i The special powers of a saints relics ii They were worthy of veneration iii If a body did not decomposeiv Medieval pietys obsession with relics v What determined a holy sites importance in the hierarchy of medieval holy placeshow important the saint was religiouslyvi A holy site as a source of revenue vii The breakingup of a saints remains spread out the saints to multiple shrines throughout Europe wealthy people wanted to be buried beside saints so it made a competition2 The birth of the medieval university students were considered part of the clergy and couldnt be prosecuted for a crime more educated people before 12th cent any higher education was reserved for monks but after there was a demand for people with educationinstead of killing each other over land they went to court therefore needing people trained in lawa The growing need for educated men to serve as administrators urban councillors royal secretaries diplomats etc b Higher education the exclusive domain of monastic schools before 1200 i The principal aim was to educate monks ii Cathedral schools
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