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Lecture 9

The Black Death & The Hundred Years’ War LEC9

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Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Andre Basson

1Mars 1F90Lecture OutlineLecture 9The Black DeathThe Hundred Years War1The Black Death 1347arrived on an Italian ship from the EastaConditions in western Europe at the time of the Black Death no hygienebThe total deaths 1000s by 1000s everydaycOutbreak of disease and epidemics in western Europe before the Black Death common to have epidemicsdThe Crusades brought leprosy from the crusadesiThe first symptomsiiThe rate of infectioniiiIsolation of those who had contracted the disease no cure so isolated the victimsivLeper hospitals all over Europe by 1200ndtheThe plague in the Roman Empire 2 cent and Constantinople 6 centfThe Late Middle Ages 1300 to 1500 a period of striking contradictions people were displaced and killed everyones on edge there were reports of an army assembling in the east everything going from bad to worse then the power of the papacy was being challenged And everyone was ready to rise against the political poweriUnspeakable human tragedy enormous social upheaval and bitter conflictiiRumours of huge armies from the East ready to attackiiiOn the religious front the power of the papacy challenged and even underminedivCivil unrest and revolt everywherevThe end times predicted in the BibleviThe beginning of new intellectual and cultural movementsgThe beginning of the Late Middle Agesi250 years of growth since the end of the Early Middle Ages and theiiHigh Middle Ages a period of1Economic expansion2Increase in agricultural production better harvest and better climate3Significant population growth
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