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Lecture 2

NEUR 2P37 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Long-Term Memory, Caudate Nucleus, Implicit MemoryPremium

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Brain and Behaviour II
Wednesday, January 18th,2017
The Many Kinds of Memory
- There is more than one kind of memory
- HM (hippocampus was removed due to severe epileptic seizures
1) Working memory (short-term memory):
- uses info to address a particular problem
- immediate what has happened memory, and will disappear after several hours; basically it
only lasts for a short period of time
- has a limited capacity (max = 7 items)
- includes visuospatial sketchpad and phonological loop
2) Long Term Memory
- can store large quantities of information for long periods of time (potentially 100 years)
- There are two sub divisions of long term memory:
a) Implicit Memory: encodes info that is not easy to recall or describe consciously.
b) Explicit Memory: can be consciously recalled.
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