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THE LAW: “All stowaways on EDS shall be jettisoned immediately upon discovery” What is the moral significance, if any, that the stowaway is a sweet, pretty, innocent 18- year-old girl named Marilyn off to see her brother however described in the story as a rag doll, puppy like, a child? What if it had been a 6-year-old boy? Or a 70-year-old grandmother? What if it were an opportunistic traveling sales person? An escaped criminal? Someone who is mentally insane? What if they only had 6 weeks to live so they wanted to go into outer space where they could die? An animal? Android? Is age important? Is there an ABSOLUTE RIGHT to life? On what basis do we assign responsibility? What really constitutes a moral act? Mr Smith was cleaning his garage; he found a bottle marked distilled water. Looked like distilled water, opened bottle and smelled of distilled water. Smith took bottle to the stream behind his house and dumped the bottle into the water. What are possible results of pouring what he believed to be dis
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