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Richard Brown

Starts with Socrates’ recurrent dream (philosophy) - Dream told him that he was to be diligent and make music/ practice and cultivate the arts/ get to work and busy yourself composing music - Socrates thought this dream meant he should get busy and do philosophy because philosophy is the high of the arts On one hand, we have dreams (matters of faith)  MYTHOS (myth) On the other hand, we have the truth, knowledge  LOGOS (logic) We go from mere opinion and belief on one hand (mythos), to rational grounds on why that person should have that opinion or ground in the first place making it a justified true belief (logos) The afterlife will be better for the good person, than the wicked person Socrates tells a chief executor of his trial, he should follow Socrates and he should die here beside Socrates Isn’t it true that philosophers want to die? Isn’t it their life long wish? It seems that committing suicide is the obvious answer if they want to die, however there is a problem with suicide. We are told that suicide is always wrong, even when death feels better than staying alive. For example: someone who is ill with cancer in incredible pain, no suicide is still wrong. If a star athlete has become crippled and cannot perform, suicide is wrong to do. Someone who is being tortured by terrorists, suicide is wrong. These are all examples of times when suicide and death seems better than life, still wrong. Why is suicide wrong? st - 1 argument: Claim that there is a mystery doctrine, a hidden message from the mystics which is orphic, it tells us that life on earth is punishment for the soul so committing suicide is avoiding your just and rightful punishment. Aka you’re taking it upon yourself to shorten your sentence. - Killing ourselves is shanking our own moral responsibility and moral duty, cannot be allowed with no exceptions. nd - 2 argument: human beings are the property of the Gods, they are our masters. Socrates contends, we can not just kill ourselves because death is preferred, we must wait for the circumstances and appropriate time we are to die. Cebes’ Paradox 1. HBs are the property of the gods 2. The gods are the best masters 3. Only stupid people would escape 4. Philosophers want to escape 5. Therefore philosophers are stupid Assumed that the dead have some sort of existence, existence after death is said to be better for those who lived a good philosophical life and worse for those who lived a bad life. - Socrates must make a formal defence and give a reasoned account and prove to his companions that there is in fact life after death, needs to convince the others of something about which he is already convinced himself to be true. Why do philosophers want to die? - Philosophy is nothing more than training for death and dying - Philosophy is nothing more than rehearsing and practicing and studying for death and dying Definition of death BODY AND SOUL SEPAR
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