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Edward Wilson

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312 Wilson March1212 1053 AM Man anatomically unique 1 Erect posture 2 Bipedal locomotion 3 Skeleton greatly modified 4 Tail and most hair missing 5 Opposable thumbs 6 Reliance on sweat to reduce body heat 31516 Both humans and their societies are often said to be infinitely plastic or diverse Table on p321 Only humans have economy 320 Because of intelligence we can have exchanges where reciprocity is in the futurereciprocal altruism Box 321 describes counterpart kin altruism Note reference to prolonged maternal care and socialization traits we share with primates Box bottom right what makes us unique Ethics False dichotomy ethical intuitionism and ethical behaviorism and lumps several theories under the first 329 Criticizes formed on round it relies on the emotive judgement of the brain as thought it is a black box Second assumes moral commitments is learned makes brain a white sheetsas in Locke Last paragraph almost wrong 331L Esthetics and later societal evolution Table 275
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