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Mary Wollstonecraft

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David Hayes

314 Mary Wollstonecraft March1412 954 AM April 1759September 1797 Mother of Mary Shelly author of Frankenstein What is a human being Adopts view every human being has been endowed by god 429 with innate capacities reason and virtue are the highest and best Reason works according to 1st principle 421 to construct universal abstract truths from particular and concrete experience 440 Virtues include courage and resolution 444 and a denial of present enjoyment to bring about future advances 440 the perfection of our nature and capability of happiness must be estimated by the degree of reason virtueand knowledge that distinguish the individual and direct the laws which bind societyand that from exercise421 Every being may become virtuous by the exercise of its own reason 426Rational and virtuous soul created by god y How do difference arises Differences arise from externally imposed social cultural and historical roles that are allotted to men and women and determined what they can learn know act say perform etcthe very constitution of civil governments has put almost insuperable obstacles in the way to prevent the cultivation of the female understanding 440 woman has become to occupy a specific position in society because she has been denied a proper masculine education 444 having been de
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