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-Does not like Gilligan since she feels that she represents difference feminism not equality (or equity)
Contrarian feminism
-sexual personae
-two provocative but common sense starting points:
1. Sex is natural
2. Society is an artificial construction
key to whole essay
-p 491 R:
1. "mans innate cruelty"
2. "bad social influences" versus "failed socialization"
3. the contradictions of liberalism and feminism
4. feminisms proper mission ["seeking political equality for women"] has been replaced by an
impossible goal
What is Chthonian power?
-Chthonian power is that associated with the subterranean, underworld where the lesser Greek gods
dwelt [=daemons]
-"sex is daemonic"
-Sex is also eudaemonic ('good demon'= conductive to happiness)
(CH = 'chthonian')
Two epistemological errors
-Science has demonstrated… "the materiality of natural forces, and their frequent predictability"
-"the westerner knows by seeing"
-Much of what we see is delusional
Women and nature
-For several thousands of years women have been identified with nature
-can be seen as good or bad depending on one's attitude to what is natural
The female body
-Is a Chthonian machine
-The female body tempts men to do lots of things: not all of them good and not all of them bad, but
some of them are sadistic and some are masochistic, a sick but interesting combination
Feminism and utilitarianism
-Same page: probably correct to see a connection between 19th century utilitarianism and feminism
-both are similar to liberalism but many feminists are more radically left wing than liberal. Sartre is left
wing. Rawls is a liberal. That are not the same.
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