25 Mar 2012

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3(21) Sartre
10:00 AM
Sartre's contrarian existentialism
Extentialism vs. essentialism
Key ideas:
"existence precedes essence"
There is no essence of human nature
There is no god, therefore
Life has no meaning
We have to create our own values and take responsibility for them
Essence and existence
Example: paper knife
Its essence precedes its existence
Someone had idea before produced it [essence]
So if god were like a manufacturer we would have a God-given essence
As in the bible where we are made in the image of god [our essence on that view]
Non-theistic theories of human nature
Most thinkers agree that there was an essence of human nature
Could define 'human' just as we could define 'triangle', 'horse', 'plant', etc.
Subjectivity and existentialism
First principle of existentialism:
"man is what he makes of himself"
We are therefore responsible for our choices. We cannot pass it to anyone else
Sartre has most radical theory of free will
Final part of longest paragraph
Extreme Kantianism and objective claim logically: whatever we choose we must universalize all of
Repeated several times
Choosing for all humanity
1. "man is responsibly for himself" implies that "he is responsible for all men"
2. "in choosing for himself he chooses for all men"
3. "nothing can be better for us unless it is better for all"
Monogamy, ww2 and resistance
If I choose to get married then I choose monogamy for all humans
what about those who choose polygamy or same sex marriage or 'living in sin'?
Interesting dilemma
Editor left out interesting part of essay
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