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Specism, Singer, and Kant

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David Hayes

328 Specism Singer Kant March2812 1001 AMJust because you give animals name didnt mean anthropomorphizing or projecting human characteristics on themMeans recognize them as individuals beings who had life and even distinct personalitiesDidnt mean we didnt recognize their instrumental value Every animal had a purpose human purpose Ex cowsmilk horse work cat keep mice awayFactory farms the animals have no personalities they have solely instrumental valueSows confined to one spot one position Leave their pen only for breeding farrowing and the slaughter housePiglets treated also same have tails cut off teeth pulled without anesthesia Forced to crawl over each other because crowded togetherAnimals have no quality of life while they are aliveFactory farms only way to survive in business of agriculture consumer demand low prices farmed not compensated adequately hog produces going broke no matter how efficient they are Speceism Is a prejudice or attitude of bias in favor of the interests of members of ones own species and against those of members of other speciesBelieve treat animals on factory farms circuses rodeos direct resultNo moral difference with racism and sexismViolate principle of equalitySinger claims there are no significant reasons why animals should not be given equal moral consideration as humans should be full members of the moral community Singers PremiseAsk why are racism and sexism wrongWhen we say all humans are equal what do we really meanWe know there are many difference between humansEquality doesnt depend on the actual equality of humansNo difference between the races and sexes etcBy looking at person cannot infer anything about intellect or moralsSome say this is why sexism and racism are wrong What equality isSinger claims equality is a moral idea which doesnt depends on scientific proofPrinicple of equality of human beings not a description of an alleged actual equality among humans It is a prescription of how we should treat human beingsSinger says apply principle of equality to nonhuman animals means have to consider their interestsConcern for wellbeing of animal Equality what is means
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