PHIL 2P15 Lecture Notes - Brothel, Alexandre Cabanel, Playing Card

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Published on 31 Jan 2013
Monday January 14th, 2013
Lart lecture 2:
Slide 1:
Liberal Arts 1F90/91
Poets, Painters and Philosophers: Introduction to Liberal Arts
Winter Term: Paris, Capital of the 19thCentury
Dr. Linda Steer
Office Hours:
GLN 119
Slide 2:
• Re‐read chapter 1 of your Foundations textbook, p. 1‐36. Focus on the sections
on lectures and on taking notes.
• PRINT and bring your lecture notes to seminar (from lectures on January14)
• Be prepared to share your note‐taking techniques with others in your seminar.
• What are your strategies for taking notes in art history lectures?
Slide 3:
- visual analysis: how you visually look at something
- medium
- subject matter
- composition
- foreground
- background
- texture
- symbolism
- formalism
- iconography
- art markets
- historical context
Slide 4 Picture 1:
- one woman is naked laying on a bed another darker woman is holding
- Creator: Edouard Manet
- Title: Olympia
- Date: 1863-1865
- Material: oil on canvas
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- Measurements: 130.5 x 190 cm
- Picture was first shown in Paris at the salon
- Was a competition
- Salon was the main place to show their work, you had to be part of an art
association to show work
- Salon happened once a year
- News paper writers and critics would go to the salon’s and judge the
paintings and write a review
- News paper reviews could make or break an artists career
- Was not received well at all, very controversial painting
- In art history we can look at the painting several different ways, but they all
start with visual analysis (formal elements of a painting)
- Look at and describe what they see
Slide 5:
- subject matter: unclothed white woman laying on a bed, wearing earrings,
wearing one slipper lined by fur, gold bracelet, flower in her hair
- beside the naked woman there is black woman fully clothed and holding
- cat and white woman are looking right at us, black woman is not because she
is bringing the white woman something
- room is bare, curtains in the background, there is brown in the background
- woman is laying on top of a satin coverlet with floral print, lots of pillows
behind her to hold her up
- red velvet says that she is in a day bed
- great contrast between the 2 women (skin colour, how they are situated in
the painting)
- don’t see much of the black woman’s body because the white woman is
blocking her
- how are the objects arranged within the setting of the frame
- composition is very important
- the woman in the foreground is important, because she is the main subject of
the painting and takes up majority of the painting
- the woman in the background is less important and a servant
- the woman in the background is making a gesture that is why she is leaning
that way
- texture is important as well
- texture of this painting is smooth
- flowers in the painting have a bit of texture in them
- the expressive style important
- body is made larger because of the white bed
- she is place in the foreground and nothing is blocking the woman’s body
- very little background, the women seem to be placed on top of each other,
there isn’t much depth
- the woman in the front blocks our view, cannot see deeply into space
- there was no window into the world, this painting is a new style of painting
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