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Published on 31 Jan 2013
Monday January 28, 2013
Lart Lecture Week 5:
Early 19th Century art in France:
Last week:
Picture 1:
- classical story
- very clear foreground, middle ground and background
- has technical mastering (clean, don’t see a lot of brush strokes, realistic)
- tells a story (narrative)
Salon refuse:
Painting 2:
- another controversial panting by Manet, naked woman
Painting 3:
- birth of Venus, nude woman
- almost verging on pornography
Painting 4:
- Manet is always refuring to a classical past
This Week:
Painting 5:
The Cornation of Napoleon and Josephine
- after revolution Napoleon was the empire till 1814
- people tried to restore the monarch
- Louis the 18th came back to france (ruled till 1824)
- Charles the 3rd till 1830
- The july revolution forced Charles out of the thrown
- People who were trying to restore the moarch and praised the mormans, a
lot of people used art as propaganda
- Used art to celebrate
- The academe was abolished in 1793 because it was the royal academy
o Then it was taken over by David
He had alliances in the revolution
o Tried to reinstate it through commune
o Louis the 18th reinstates it in 1816
o No women were in the academy
o Most of the members were middle aged or older, very few younger
o If you were in the academy you had to be appointed by someone
o The Ecole was very influential, and was all controlled by the academy
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o The salon had continued under Napoleon, bi-annually
o Most people were very influenced by JLD
o Many of the large paintings shown in the salon were commissioned
People paid money to have people paint for them
Painting 6:
- Charles X Disturbing the Salon of 1824 Awards Heim
- Salon was a huge place
- High ceiling
- Shows size of paintings and how many of there were
- Trying to show role of royalty
- Has propaganda element
- Very few small canvas
Painting 7:
- propaganda of Napoleon
- showed him as a war hero
- was very large
Painting 8:
- not a style of art
- typically traditional art that follows traditional rules
- often tension between tradition and innovation (tries to cause change)
- clean lines
- clear color
- traditional subject matter
- easy to see
- rational way to see
- colors are fairly muted
- illusion of the perspective
- traditional subject matter
- continued through the 19th century
- very appreciated by the academy
- conservative and unorthodox
- very beautiful style
- huge and stunning
- has enlightenment values
- connection between art and philosophy
- connected to the revolution in france
- connected Greco roman past
- want to see france as ancient rome and Greece
- democratic values connected to style
- looks a certain way people see certain ideas
- style never connects in a vacuum
- Jean- Auguste was a student of david
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