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Linda Steer

Wednesday January 23 , 2013 Lart Lecture: Vocabulary: - academie de Peinture et de sculpture - Louis XIV - Paris Salon - Eco Art systems in Paris: Academie de Peinture et de sculpture: - 1648, France established by Louis the 14 th - has 2 parts and are interconnected o the salon o the school - painting and sculpture are fine arts - the paris salon was an annual exhibition for showing art o there was a jury that selects a work of art o there are still lots of jury contests o then it is a completion o prize for the top work of art o presented by the academy o how the work is criticized can make or break your career o if you do not make it into the salon you wont make it o people who won would then be paid by people to paint for them o very competitive o to win the prize your work of art has to follow the academic style - ecole de bozart o where the artists were educated o was new because most artists only apprenticed o were educated in the academic style o ascribes to certain society functions o there was a class between traditional and innovation o hierarchy of subject matter (historical subjects) o France saw itself of continuing itself from ancient Rome and Greece - The Oath of the Horatii (historical painting) - Religious themes are the same as historical themes (Christianity) - Portraits were considered important because they were more than just copying, they are trying to get at the phycology of a person (intellectually) - Lastly landscapes and nature were at the bottom because you did not need to be educated to paint these things - History and religion they need the education, know where the story came from, why it was significant in the day - History paintings are part imagination, it has to come from your mind, therefore you need more intellect and education - Academy was taking ideals from the 17 century (1600’s) - Academy liked images of mirror reality (no heavy pallet work, no brushworks, highly realistic, using realism, do not see the artists personality, no emotions, see the artists highly developed technological skills) - Burial of Phocion was a perfect painting the academies mind o Lived in the 4 century bc o Was falsely accused of treason o Was dramatic emotional story o Has moral qualities o About honor and truth o Has a clearly articulated foreground, middle ground and background
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