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Linda Steer

Monday February 4 2013 Lart LectureNeo Classicism Late 18h c through mid19thc thRomanticism early 19 c Impressionalism 1870sc 1900 Postimpressionism started in 1880 thAcademic painting the entire 19 cRealism Courbert Milet The anonymous society of artists painters and scupltors and printmakers ect Claude Monet impression sunrise 1870 the siege of Paris 1871 the commune uprisingRealismrelated to social and political issues contemporarymany class based uprising across Europe a lot of political turmoilth the mini revolutions economic social political had 18 century enlightenment ideas discusses human rightscan trace todays human rights ideas to the enlightenment ideas people didnt think about human rights in the same way as before the enlightenment new ideastruggle between working class and borzoi see the rise of factories and mechanized ideasfactory owners are very wealthy the factory workers are struggling some factor owners and a lot of people who are moving from the country to the city to work in factorieswage labour is developed creates a lot of tensionchanges the socioeconomic structure how people work in their day to day livesbeginning of capitalism small specialized stores thread stores shoe maker to the development of department stores similar to toady o causes a lot of social tension many uprising and struggles a lot of difficult social issues a lot of people moving from the country to the city are in povertyway more upper middle classth late 19 c Paris was a party city people leave their families and move to the city city world was written about
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