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Lecture 3

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Linda Steer

Monday September 16 ,2012th LART lecture 3: “The Past is a Foreign Country” Learning Outcome: - recognize ways that the world of Europe and France in 1789 was different than our world today - pay attention to political, artistic, religious, intellectual and social differences - think of ways that the world of 1789 might also have been similar to ours - Fall of the Bast Politics Now and Then Characteristics of today: - diplomatic - womens role - multiple parties - democracy (rule by citizens) Characteristics of then: - monarchies (monarchs – nobles) and republics - women & the poor had limits political power - noblemen, Catholics priests & the very rich help most power - nobles were mainly men - France was a monarchy - Holland had republics - Republics = democracies (roughly the same) - In 18 century citizens were mainly men who held property (not poor men) - The rich held power Art Music and Literature: Now: - democratization of art now a days Then: - ancient Greek, Roman, Hebrew & Christian models - peoples architecture was based on Romans ideas - Hebrews had their stories for art Religion: Now: - allows people to believe what they choose - more common to have differen
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