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Monday September 24 , 2012h Lart Lecture: The causes of the French Revolution: 1. Why might we care about the F.R 2. What was revolutionary about the F.R 3. Why did the revolution happen? a. Cause b. Significance 1. we are living in the middle of a revolution right now - we are trying to make sense of the world - how we connect ourselves to the world of the past - f.r was one of the key political movements (lead to democracy) - a topic of on going interest, how we all fit together - scholars are still interested today 2. a revolution is an overthrow of one system by a group who protests against them - the overthrow of the French monarchy - threw out many generations of political traditions - got ride of several privileges - with privilege came duties, king had the power to rule over the people but protect them - the whole system that the whole French monarchy came crashing down - before the overturn there was a lot of unease, because they were going to bring in a whole new system of constitutional rule (Rule of law) - the government now has only limited power 4. king Louis thought that he would be able to rule France with having all the power - the revolution was not one thing - was made up of millions of different significant events, actions and ideas Long term causes of the F.R: - social factors a. the rapid population growth of France b. rapid growth in trade c. how people lived, different circumstances they had to face d. who owned land (nobility, e. most people just barley had enough to make
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