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Lart Lecture Sept 26th

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Brock University
Linda Steer

Wednesday September 26 , 2012th Liberal Arts Lecture: Review: Analyze- analysis = taking complex information and breaking it down into its component parts Cause Significance Turning Point Narrate – narrative – story A short narrative of the early French Revolution - argument 1. “While the fall of the Bastille is the most famous even of 1789, the most revolutionary even of the year was the Assembly’s passing of the August decrees’’ 2. “ In retrospect the French Revolutions Camille Desmoulins: - on July 12 1789 he stood on at table and said that Prussian and Austrian armies were coming to attack and told people to fight for their country - people went to the Bastille to get weapons - was a turning point in the revolution Convening the Estates-General May 1789 - last time it was called to order into session was 1614! - Took a while for people to respond the kings orders to meet in France because there was no forms of technology - Everyone came together in may 1789 - Was a financial crisis in France at the time - Food shortages Traditional Voting Pattern: Voting by Estates 1 vote for the Clergy (1 estate) 1 vote for the aristocracy (2 Estate) rd 1 vote for the Commoners (3 estate) Louis XVI insisted that the ancient distinction of the three orders be conserved in its entirety Revolted in the first meeting, talked about procedure The number of representatives in the Estates General: Vote by Head! 300 votes Clergy 300 votes Aristocracy 648 votes Commoners Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes: - famous quotations from a 1789
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