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Linda Steer

Monday October 1, 2012 Liberal Arts Lecture: The Enlightenment of the 18 century:  a period in European history?  The Enlightenment (approx.. 1680-1800)  A way of viewing the world that is still relevant today  Applying methods and ideas of the scientific revolution to study, reform and improvement of human society Shifts in attitudes toward truth: - devaluing traditional religious beliefs (orthodoxy equated with superstitions) Features of Enlightenment thought:  Politics : Moderates favored Enlightened Absolutism o Radicals favored democracy, not monarchy  Arts: Neoclassicism  Religion: “Reasonable” religion, not superstitions; religious toleration  Ideas and Society: Individualism; free trade; mass education; legal reform; BELIEF IN PROGESS Wednesday October 3 , 2012 What role did the enlightenment have on the French Revolution? Edmund Burke: - Was a member of the British Parliament - Wrote a long letter to a young man in Paris titled “Reflections on the Revolution in France” - asked the young man what he thought about the French revolution - published private letter in 1790 in English - argued that there was only chaos and disorder that could logically follow the actions of the revolutionaries in France (Revolution was dangerous) - the idea of having a king and a parliament was not a radical event (Burke said it was) - a decade before the F.R in the Americas, rebel British subjects went above their king (George) - revolutionaries were not popular in England - Burke supported the American revolution against the king, yet still supported the king, did not support the F.R - late 1789 until his death he was an opposed the revolution in France - was a supporter of the En
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