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Santo D' Agostino

Lecture 1: Course Overview & Overview of Mechanics Wednesday, September 04, 2013 Core Theories of Mechanics Motion= kinematics+dynamics Chapters Topics Definition(s) 6, 7, 14 Kinematics Mathematical description of motion. 4, 5, 14 Dynamics Explanation of why motion occurs, and mathematica precise relations between causes of motion and resulting effects. Example: Newton's Laws 9, 10 Conservation Laws and Arise from deep symmetries in nature. Symmetry principles. Principles Examples: momentum and energy 27 Special Relativity Video will be posted online to be analyzed: 1. 2 objects travelling at different constant speeds 2. A ball is tossed between 2 subjects At constant speed? 3. A ball is tossed upwards and then caught (upward projectile motion.) At constant speed? Friday, September 06, 2013  Motion Diagrams 1. Motion in a straight line at constant speed Speed = distance/time  Objects in motion can be simply represented as a dot (or their center of gravity) in order to simplify motion diagrams.  The simplest motion is no motion, or a stationary object Constant speed is indicated by a motion diagram similar to the one seen above, that is that the same 
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