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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Anatomy of the neuron membrane potential Wednesday September 18th.docx

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Physical Education and Kinesiology
David Ditor

th Lecture 4 Anatomy of the neuron membrane potential Wednesday September 18 The anatomy of the nerve Mylein insulates the axon and allows for faster nerve conduction. Not all neurons are insulated in the central nervous system myelin = oligodendrocytes in the peripheral nervous system myelin = schwann cells the space between myelin cells is called the node of ranvier the electrical signal that travels along the nerve is called an action potential all a potential means is that there is a difference in electrical charge action potential means that the charge of the cell is changing Plasma membranes have a membrane potential in other words, the electric charge inside the cell is different than the electrical charge outside the cell how is resting membrane potential created? - passive diffusion of na and k across the plasma membrane - active transport of na and k across the plasma membrane via the na k ATPase The effect of potassium on the membrane potential much more potassium inside than outside this creates a concentration gradient The effect
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