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Physical Education and Kinesiology
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Maureen Connolly

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Pekn 2P03 Lecture #2  Lab #1 take aways:  Be a rat: if someone is hurt tell on them  How to take out and put away equipment (Canadian climber, rope apparatus...etc)  Tour of gym 2  Step out of comfort zone  Be creative (add own twist to stuff)  Fire escapes/routes  Safety components  Be social (get talking/meet people)  History week 2 continued:  Vault: came from Romans getting on/off horses (tales=square=shape from)  1881: federation of international gymnastics (FIG) =found in liege  1896: men’s gymnastics=popular to be included in Olympic games  1920’s: women organized/participated in gymnastics  1928: first women’s Olympic competition (synchronized calisthenics: multiple women doing same event at the same time) held in Amsterdam  LOOK AT HISTORY OF P.E. IN CANADA**  Before that women were not permitted to compete in the Olympics  19 century: when sport evolved  2 styles in conflict: Swedish (ling gymnastics: freestyle exercises) vs. German system: (uses apparatuses)  Conflict: can’t compare the 2  Different motives, structure, criteria, etc.  (which one is better in school? Which one better to teach?)  Large open air gymnastics appeared in Europe (19 century) like a large playground, men tried to impress women and showed off talents, freestyle components/strength (climbing ropes faster the others or bars...etc)  Military use and skills still exist today: saluting judges (competition) and marching into Olympics  Women bodies: smaller, men bodies: stronger, heavy, climb/do more faster due to physiology)  1954: Olympic games for both men/women =standardized in modern format (certain heights/lengths/etc)  Soviet gymnastics: world leaders in sport from military training in athletes  Olga Korbut (Russian) (1972 olympics) changed them, her age, size(tiny/young), skills done impressed the people  Nadia Comaneci (Romanian) got the first perfect score in 1976, summer Olympics in Montreal Canada (she was small as well)  Forms of gymnastis:  Artistic (men=6 events like
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