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Brock University
Physical Education and Kinesiology
Maureen Connolly

PEKN2P03 Lecture# 4:  Theoretical Knowledge:  Required in 3 different areas  Subject matter being taught  Process of learning  Process of teaching  Knowledge of subject matter: cover in lab  Concepts  Subthemes  Themes  Examples  Lesson plan needs goals and objectives  Process of learning:  Learning =relatively permanent change that is the result of an experience  Not being able to perform a skill to being able to perform a skill  Everything we do we learn from  This= relatively permanent change  Much easier to learn something correct way the first time then having to correct someone and re learn it over the correct way after they have already learned it before and use to doing it a different way  3 phases of learning:  1. Understanding/cognitive phase  Trial and error  High repetitions  Kinesthetic awareness=developed (understanding using all of your senses/whole body=doing)  Individual explores/practices  Verbal information =small (more practice/individual)  2. Intermediate phase:  Learning=noticeable  Skills=more consistent  Errors gradually eliminated  Models=important (video analysis)  Verbal in form of key words  Teach (not to be depend
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