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Physical Education and Kinesiology
Maureen Connolly

PEKN 2P03 Lecture # 8: Nov. 12 13h - Observation and Analysis: - Observation Quiz was done at the beginning of lecture (not marked more just for fun and to see how much you observe at Brock, home, classroom setting and other things around you!!) - Dedicated to movement! - Motor learning - Relevance (attached to objects/individual) - Brain picks and chooses - Grabs attention - Observation (definition): - Barrett (1983): - Observation is a concept and process involving interpretation and decision making - Don’t all make decisions the same way - Mauldon and Layson (1979): - Observation is seeing with understanding and involving being a sympathetic participant - Experience has a lot to do with what we are going to perceive and understand - Allison (1990): - Observation is an active process of seeking and exploring environmental info necessary for the completion of the task at hand - McCallie and Napper-Owen (1999): - Observation and response are utilized in reflective processes - How do we observe?? - 2 main types: - 1. Scanning (overview of what is happening/watching) - 2. Focussing (more detailed/concentrated) - Change observation from: - Size of group (more scanning needs to occur) - Observe continually - Always taking info in and processing it - Needs to train - Who watches who? - Teacher observes students - Students observe the teacher - Students observe each other - Students/teacher observe themselves (in a # of ways) - What do we observe for? - Educator: - Mood of class - Safety factors (think to beginning of lab) - Spacing - Task understandin
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