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Lecture 1

KINE 2P41 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Health Care In Canada, Health Promotion, Health Canada

Physical Education and Kinesiology
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Jarold Cosby

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September 5, 2014
Lecture 1
We will explore:
Complexities of societal definitions of health?
Who is healthy?
Who promotes health in our society?
Is health a need or a want
What is evidence
Why do we create health info?
Who thinks they are products of health info?
Are you a member of the Canadian Health Care System?
Vaccinated?-Know anyone with polio?
Oral medications-Who dies from pneumonia?
X-rays tests- broken leg vs. disability for life
Being born=1/3 of you should not be here
One of the most relevant examples for this course
Vitamins, minerals, calories fat vs. eating whatever fills you up
We have the knowledge, are we guided by it?
Ever eaten food? Vs. died from bacteria?
-Health Canada
Ever drank water? Vs. died from impurities, cholera
-Health System
Every breathe air? Vs. died from pollution
-Health system
Health System is everywhere
Eat, drink, breathe
-Health system establishes what is safe, measures things that make
us sick, and tries to fix us if food, drink or air made us sick
Impact of health info on modern Society
Impact of health info and medical evidence on modern society
-Does health info effect our lives, your life?
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