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Lecture 1

KINE 2P41 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Health Promotion, Health Canada, Anorgasmia

Physical Education and Kinesiology
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Jarold Cosby

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January 5, 2016
KINE 2P41, section 1
Introduction to health promotion WC291 office hours by appointment; tues 10-12, thrus 10-11
Healthy has many definitions, no true answer.
Who promotes health in our society?
Is health a need or a want?
What is evidence?
Why do we create health information?
Healthcare- Are you a part of the Canadian healthcare system?
-know anyone with polio? No, it used to be a common thing but vaccinations have lessened
polios impact
-x-rays test broken bones vs. disabled for life
-being born, 1/3 of babies would die at birth due to complications if not for common medical
-vitamins, fat… ect. (worrying about these) vs. eating to fill you up (worrying about survival)
-eaten food vs. died from bacteria
-drank water vs. died from impurities Healthcare system establishes what is safe for
-breathe air vs. died from pollution us to use
-our healthcare system effects everything (eg. Schools, towns, countries)
Who promotes healthcare in our society?
-commercial (for profit)
Who promotes evidence based information? (Examples)
Government Commercial
international World health organization Drug companies
national Health Canada Media, TV
provincial Ministry of Health Private insurance
institutions Schools, hospitals Massage therapy
personal Doctors, lawyers Friends, relatives
Who promotes health messages?
-minister of health
-national minister of health
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find more resources at
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