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Brock University
Physical Education and Kinesiology
Stephen Cheung

Physiological Responses and Adaptations to Microgravity November 20 , 2012 History of Spaceflight  First satellite (Sputnik) was launched into space in 1957 by the Soviet Union o Sputnik weighed around 6 lbs. and emitted a beeping noise back to Earth o NASA lathched a chimp into space after the Soviet Union sent a dog into space  April 12 , 1961 the Soviet Union sent the first human into space  Apollo XI in 1969, was when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrich reached the moon  The USA developed the Skylab in 1973  1980s Soyuz/ Mir were Soviet Union projects  In 1981 was the first space shuttle flight by the US, 20 years to the day the first human went into space  2000, the Space Station was created Microgravity- describes the conditions in Earth orbit as there is a very small gravitational force but is also acceptable to talk about zero gravity o Moon= 0.14 earth’s gravity o Mars = 0.38 earth’s gravity (trip to Mars is 900 days) Microgravity Environment
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