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Lecture 16

KINE 4F93 Lecture 16: Lecture 16 - Week 16 - Feb 1

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Physical Education and Kinesiology

Review from Lab this Week - BOPPS o Serves as an organizational lesson structure to facilitate lesson plan Your first session/class - Take the time to think it all through (which is why you shadowed) - What will you call yourself? (should be appropriate for the setting) - How will you introduce yourself? Where will you stand? - Where will the equipment be set up? How will you distribute it? - What will you be doing when the participants are engaged in activity? - When presenting the activity: o Where do you stand to see/hear everyone? o How will you use your voice? o Speak clearly and slowly. Don’t call everyone “guys” o Avoid unnecessary words “Now what I would like you to do...” - Good presenters possess: o Clarity: are clear with directions, tips for improving for clients/participants o Variability – make modifications and changes o Be enthusiastic o Suggestions:  Learn some names  Get familiar with the site  Be kind and open minded  Laugh - Providing feedback: o Scan participants o Entire groups, small groups, individuals o Positive and negative o Also, prescriptive and descriptive Sessions and Timing - Course hours provided for implementation o Feb 9-14 o Feb 16, 27, 28 o Reading week o March 2-7 Pilot Testing Your Program - A trial run, a small-scale version of your larger project/program - An important step that can help catch potential problems and prevent them from escalating before full implementation occurs. - Why conduct a pilot? o Confirm if you are ready for full scale implementation o Opportunity to gauge your target populations reaction to the program o Can help you make better decisions about how to allocate time and resources o Can help ensure that you are well prepared to measure the success of your program - Are you ready to pilot test your program? o Engaged with community partners who are invested in your project? o Assessed your community needs and assets? What services and programs currently exist? o Identified core components and
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