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Bozidar Mitrovic

Monday February 25 , 2013 Lart lecture on Zola: Vocab: - Honore de Balzac - The human comedy - Emile Zola - Rougon-Macquart - Gustave Flaubert - Mme Bovary - The Goncourt prothers (Edmund and Jules de Goncourt) - Germine Lacerteux - Claude Bernard Intro: - naturalism is a form of realism - Zola developed this style of writing - Wrote a lot of books - Developed his style of naturalism in his series of 20 novels (20 novels in 22 years) - Does a lot of research and they are very detailed - Follows a family, writing interconnected novels - These books were serialized, put in newspapers and magazines o This was a common way of publishing - Naturalism deals with the present moment (historical to us) - Deals with everyday life, very dramatic stories - Lots of tragedy - Deals with a lot of social events - Content deals with regular people like us - Form - In 19 century we see a lot of critics and literature - Same kind of arguments we see in painting we see in literature - Those who were on the side of realism, they believed it was important because it was a truthful representation of reality - Fantasticalism is an investigation of reality - Those who were against realism they thought literature should appeal to higher ideals and morals - They criticized those writes for appealing to the basis of emotions - Main concern is what should art/literature be - What is important - What is art - What is literature - What are the acceptable themes, style, content - Criticism of his poems fell into the same category - Realism in literature is a reaction to romanticism - Wednesday February 27, 2013 Realisom: - ordinary people using ordinary language - some people believed realism was more truthful because it discussed more difficult topics - some topics made people feel inappropriate - realism reacts to romanticism - similar to paintings - what is high art and what is low art? - Many people believe that there should be lofty topics - Topics and subject matter are important - Different types of art - Paintings were high art - Low art were decorations in homes, and novels - Fine arts v.s craft - Art literature and poetry movement 1924 - Art should be about the imagination - Surealists thought realism was constricting, hated zola - Should bring the imagination and real life together - Zola was popular in his time, made a good living in his time - Van Gogh liked Zola - Popular with all different kinds of people th Realism in France in Literature in 19 Century: - Honore de Balzac borin in 1840-197 - Wrote the human comedy - The human comedy was huge 90 books - Fictionalized stories about the post napleonic Paris - Looks at people from all walks of life, nobles and peasants - Literary portrait of contemporary French life - Human comedy refers to the divine comedy by Dante - Different characters appear - Loosely based on real life - Not considered high art or literature in his time - Fictionalized real life situations - Was popular literature at the time, frowned upon at his time - Persecption of work changes over time - Has aspects of romanticism and drama - Very influential on Zolas writing - Flaubert wrote a book called Mme.Bovary - Mme.Bovary was banned, depicted adultery and seemed to be say it was okay - Paris is the site of adultery - The prosecuters were upset because she was not judged, nothing
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