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Political Science T1 L1 (con't) Governments, Regimes, States & Nations.docx

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Political Science
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Paul Hamilton

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POLI SCI Government, regimes, states, and nations September 13 2012 Government:  The set of institutions that make and enforce collective public decisions for a society or state  All governments perform three basic functions  Still, Government vary considerably. Three Functions: 1.) Rule making (House of commons) 2.) Rule application (executive and civil service) its up to the city to apply the law ex. police 3.) Rule adjudication (courts) if the gov passes a law that legislation might be examined by a court to see if it consistent with the constitution of the charter. REGIME: (set of rules pretty much)  THE WHOLE DECISION-MAKING APPARATUS OF THE STATE; THE CONSTITUTIONAL PRICIPLES AND ARRANGEMENTS ACCORDING TO WHICH GOVERNMENT DECISIOS ARE MADE; THE FUNDAMENTAL RULES OF THE GAME. PAGE 34 Aristotle classification of regimes. Variables leading to emergence of liberal democracy: Gradual (UK:1215- today)  Rise of industrial capitalism  New middle class (Petit bourgeoisie)  End of Catholic church domination  Rise of science (Enlightenment)  Emergence of social movements labour, feminism) Contemporary regime types authoritarianism (china)  No real constitution  No opposition permitted, - Rigged electionsElectoral fraud is illegal interference with the process of an election. Acts of fraud affect vote counts to bring about an election result, whether by increas
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