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Political Science
Paul Hamilton

Introduction - The politics of a country is said to reflect a society’s dominant culture Culture and Political Culture - Culture: Shared values, beliefs, practices relating to food, clothing, social relations, language, religion, literature, music… - Political Culture is the collection of attitudes and values relating to politics (our attitudes and values towards politics, how we feel about it) - Political culture can shape citizens’ attitudes and expectations toward basic political concepts like authority and obedience Political Culture leads to Difference - Women are treated very differently in Saudi Arabia by law than woman in Canada - May be many political cultures within a single country (Canada) - Quebec-Canada example - Subcultures Quebec-Canada differences: Support for Decision to Send Troops to Afghanistan (July 2007 Quebec  22% Rest of Canada  41% Generalizations - Canada: Deferential, polite, obedient - USA: Individualistic, distrustful of authority - Differences: Same-sex marriage, Iraq, health care policy Political Culture can Affect how Governments Govern - Taxation compliance: Is this an indicator of political culture? (Chp. 5, p. 105) - Swiss 6% of e
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