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Political Science
Paul Hamilton

POLI1F90 Monday January 23 2012 Types of Democracy thy Direct democracy Exemplified by 5 century BC Athens y Representative democracy emerges in 19th century Europe y Digital democracy o Estonia attempted this in an election always technological problems to worry aboutviruses hackers etc Why representative democracy y Expansion of franchise y Citizens lack time for legislating y Ideas is indirect rule through elected agentsrepresentative democracy y 18 million Canadians wont fit in the House of Commons o We delegate our right to make legislation to this group of peoplethe Members of Parliament Digital Democracy y A return to the Greek ideal y Used in leadership contests y Butthere are technological problems since it favours the wealthy y 21 billion internet users 30 of world population o Might make sense in South Korea o Asia has the highest concentration of internet usage Whats the Purpose of an Election y Elections are a technology for converting the preferences of the electorate into sitting governments y Current issues y Turnout o What determines it Why are turnout rates going downSolutions Compulsory voting teenage voting etc y What electoral system is best o Proportional representation or firstpastthepost o We have a winnertakesall system o 2007 Referendum proposed proportional representation system MixedMember Proportional as opposed to firstpastthepost y More electoral systems than there are countries Features of electoral systems in democracies y Accountability
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