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Lecture 2

Poli Lecture 2 September 11th 2012.docx

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Brock University
Political Science
Bozidar Mitrovic

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 Poli Sci Lecture 2: Basic Concepts: Slide 1 Political Science? - Commitment to a methodology. Not all political scientists think this way - No 1 Law of thermodynamics - Ultimate limiting factor is human nature - What are we? Biology has DNA, physics has heat and light, chemistry has neutrons and protons, but humans are amalgams of these things and are self- determining Slide 2 How are social science scientific? - Rigor. We develop hypotheses and try to measure the phenomenon we are studying. How do people evaluate candidates? What influences their decision to vote? - We cannot reproduce social life in a laboratory - Aspirational Slide 3 Example: Revolutions - Transformative upheavals of political order - Problem: Rare. Not enough cases for valid empirical conclusions - We can’t mimic laboratory conditions Slide 4 Picture - Liberty leads the people - France was in enormous strike - Several different types of regime changes Slide 5 Picture - iatola - lived in exhale in France - lead a revolution Slide 6 Picture - Lenon - Russian revolution in 1917 - Urban revolution, western Russian - Included peasants, illiterate - Started solviet union Slide 7 Limits to social science inquiry - We deal with probability not law(s) - Ethics limit our study of subjects - Can’t control for social conditions- too complex - Famine & French revolution Slide 8 Basic Concepts - Coercion - Influence - Authority - Power - Politics - Government Slide 9 Coercion: A kind of power - Using threat to get what you want - Resisting arrest might get you pepper sprayed - Iraq ignored 16 UN resolutions and was condemned by international community - Having penalties for people who will not conform - Use different ways to get people to do what the authority wants Slide 10 Picture - atomic bomb - little boy & fat man - Jewish refugees offered help - Relates to Joe Stalian - USA was concerned that the Russians would invade Japan, americans wanted to run the post war japan - Wanted to show Joe Stalian what they could do (sending a clear cold message) Slide 11 Picture - St. Andrews summit - Always have protesters who won’t move and the police use force to move
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