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Lecture 3

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Brock University
Political Science
Bozidar Mitrovic

Thursday September 13 , 2012th Political Science Lecture 3: Slide 2 Three functions of government: - rule making (House of commons) - Rule of application (Executive and Civil Service) (texting and driving) - Rule adjudication (courts) Slide 3 Regime - the whole decision – making apparatus of the state; the constitutional principles and arrangements according to which government decisions are made; the fundamental rules of the game - certain way of viewing politics Slide 4 Aristotle’s Classification of Regimes - look to Dyck, p.34 - chart Slide 5 Variables leading to emergence of liberal democracy: - gradual (UK: 1215- today) (magnacarta) - Ride of industrial capitalism - New middle class (petit bourgeoisie) - End of Catholic church domination - Rise of science (Enlightenment) - Emergence of social movements (Labour, feminism) Tuesday September 17 , 2012h Slide 6 Features of liberal democracy - liberal (individual rights) - rule of law - minority rights - elections (routine, competitive, fair) - separation of powers - In switerland women didn’t get the right to vote till 1991 - In the usa in some states convicted felons cannot vote - Liberal democracy is protective of individuals - Build institutional features in our system that protect minority from the majority (minority rights) - Even the most powerful people in the world are subjected to the law (rule of law) - Separation of power is most common in the USA Slide 7 The state - emerges in the 16 and 17 centuries - 193 on earth today - state = territory + population + sovereign government - government/state (Car analogy) - states begin to assert themselves from the church 16 and 17 century th - states really takes off after world war 2 Slide 8 Picture - picture of a pinto - look at permanent aspects of the car (state) - the government is the driver of the car - the driver is temporary (government is temporary) Slide 9 What is the most recent state to join the - south Sudan in July, 2011 Slide 10 South Sudan picture - south Sudan got its independence Slide 11 Nation - people with a shared sense of history and perhaps destiny - link
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