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Political Science
Bozidar Mitrovic

Tuesday October 9 , 2012 National and Ethnic Politics Slide 1: Nationalism and Ethnic Politics - 90% of existing states are multi-national - Nationalism is rivaled only by Marxism as on of the most important doctrines of the modern era - Will have their own distinctive characteristics Slide 2: Nation-State - relatively rare case of coterminous political and cultural boundaries - this is rare because state boundaries rarely conform to messy ethnic distribution - fewer than 10% of states can be described as nation states Slide 3: Picture of map of Ice Land - archetypal example of a nation-state Slide 4: Multinational States - most sates on Earth - more than on national community which has a national consciousness and an attachment to a territory - not diaspora, communities who may dream of return (Palestinians, Cubans, ect.) Slide 5: Map of Yugoslavia - no longer together - broke up - Serbia dismembered Slide 6: Map of Yugoslavia - shows the population of each state - Serbia has people in several different states - Ethnic cleansing is removing people who are not you and replacing it with people of the same ethnic race Slide 7: Map of Iraq - is an artificial creation of the post WWI era - Iraq was created in 1932 - Merged a number of communities who don’t agree on how to live their lives - Has an ethnic group called the Kurds, largest ethnic group without a state - Has all kinds of violence - Has the highest group of ethnic distrust Slide 8: Map of Afghanistan - has multiple ethnic groups - Pashtun is the biggest ethnic group in Afghanistan Slide 9: Map of the U.K - the English are the ethnic core of the U.K - Northern Ireland is part of the U.K - Ireland is an independent state not connected to the U.K - People in northern Ireland are fighting over staying part of the U.K or becoming part of Ireland Slide 10: Multinational States - the general rule (90% of states) - Canada, UK, Spain, Russia, Iraq, South Africa - Problem: How do states deal with ethnic diversity and nationalinsm Slide 11: Ethnic Conflict * - may occur because of inequality (relative deprivation) - irreconcilable customs - inequality - demographic imbalance - discrimination - everyone who is poor is of one ethnic group and everyone who is rich is another ethnic group - Nigeria one part of the community attacks the other community - Discrimination is common everywhere Slide 12: Managing ethnic pluralism - Genocide - Forced assimilation - Federalism – way of dealing with diversity (Quebecers) - Multiculturalism – support for language training, provision for diversity, respect for diversity - Secession – rare, South Sudan exited Sudan, don’t get many Secessions - *1945-1991 : 258 cases of ethnic conflict – people shooting at people - Rwanda had a huge genocide in 1994 took place between April and august, lots of violence between the two groups - Rwanda killed people with machete’s and clubs, it was long Slide 13: Map of Sudan - people in Darfur are 3 provinces run by farmers, hundreds of thousands have been killed - people from Darfur fled to Chad Slide 14: Darfur - conflict between Arab government and African farmers (the Fur, among others) - Journal Science estimates 200,00 dead and 4 million r
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