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Thursday October 18t

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Political Science
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Bozidar Mitrovic

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Thursday October 18 , 2012 Political Science Lecutre Slide 1: - submit it to turnitin - print off the receipt from turnitin - statement of academic integrity policy needs to be stapled to the essay Slide 2: - read the chapters and seminar stuff for exam - people under stress have short term memory Slide 3 political attitudes : 3 types - affective: emotional - advertisement - cognitive: what we know - evaluative: emotional and knowledge combined to make judgment Slide 4: picture of Bush throwing a baseball - you immediately have a response to the picture - some feel heart felt - some feel anger - precognition response - also a congestive response - evaluative process going on as will with Bush's rules Slide 5: important measures of political culture - trust: in authority, or our neighbors - efficacy: do we feel we have influence? - alienation: no trust or efficacy - you trust most citizens and politicians - trust and verify - country with the lowest level of trust was Iraq Slide 6: civic culture - concept developed by Gabriel Almond and Sidney Verba in the civic cultures (1963) - interviewed citizens of 5 countries (Germany, Italy, Mexico, UK, USA) - the set of values required to sustain s
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